LED "Neon" Signage

Get the attention your company deserves with LED "Neon" Signage by SpellBrite. This innovative systems allows you to clip together letters to create your own custom message! There's nothing else like it in the industry.

Why do Business Owners Love LED "Neon"?

  • Increases Sales: A bright sign grabs customers and pulls them in.

  • Pays for Itself: Many customers tell us their LED "Neon" sign paid for itself within a few weeks or months.

  • Has a Full Money-Back Guarantee: If your LED "Neon" sign doesn’t increase your sales or if you decide you don’t want it for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full and prompt refund... and we’ll even pay for the return shipping.

  • Is Afforably Priced: This is especially so when compared with other marketing vehicles such as monthly mailings.

  • Can Change Your Sign Any Time: With LED "Neon" click-together letters, you can change your message any time you like. Highlight your key offerings, rotate specials, promote seasonal items, and test promotions – see what draws in the most customers.


Attract More Customers with LED "Neon"

  • Ultra-Bright: Day or night, LED "Neon" ultra-bright signs grab the attention of your prospective customers.

  • Striking Impact of Neon: Using LEDs and our proprietary technology, we create a crisp, bright line of light that has the striking impact of neon, but without the safety and maintenance hassles. That's right, LED "Neon"  looks like neon, but uses LEDs.

  • Flexibility of Print: LED "Neon's" click-together design enables you to make any sign message and change it any time.  And assembling is easy, many customers say it’s like putting together Legos.

  • Eye-Catching Animations: Each row can be set to flash, pulse or static – there are 8 animation options.

  • Dimming: Each row can be dimmed independently, with 6 settings from ultra-bright to night-light dim.

  • Three Display Options: You can hang your LED "Neon" sign from chains, rest it on a flat surface, or mount it to a wall.

  • Easy to Use: Assembling your sign, disassembling it, and assembling a new sign is easy; many customers say it’s like putting together Legos. Its power supply is a typical wall plug power supply.

  • Indoor Rated: LED "Neon" is rated and warrantied for indoor use. Although some customers use LED "Neon" outdoors, we do not approve of it for outdoor use.

  • Red, White, Blue or Green: You can now get Red, White or Green LED "Neon"!

  • Durable: Its LEDs and impact resistant lens and housing make LED "Neon" a very durable product.

  • The Right Size: LED "Neon" characters are 6.25 inches tall, and turned on at full brightness, they scream.

  • Big Savings: You can save 50% or more compared to a similar neon sign.

  • Get It Fast: We ship your order the next business day.

  • LED Technology: LED "Neon" signs use Ultra-bright Red LEDs and are low voltage, durable and cool to the touch.

  • Years of Value: With its changeability and long life LEDs, your sign will attract customers for years to come.

LED "Neon" by SpellBrite is one of the most impactful and cost effective marketing communication tools you can use to increase your sales. Get your LED "Neon" SpellBrite sign today!