Full Color Prints

Coroplast/Plasticor is a lightweight plastic similar to corrugated cardboard in design. It is suited for outdoor use and can last up to a year. As the material is lightweight it is not wind-resistant and it will have to be anchored. This is only available in 4mm thickness. This is an excellent choice for prints, roadside signs, directional signs, and political signs.

Gatorfoam is a lightweight material with a smooth laminated veneer surface. It is water resistant and dense. Suited for indoor use and limited outdoor use.

Foamcore is a smooth plastic material that is sandwiched and bonded between a plastic veneer. It is ideal for mounting prints that will be displayed indoor. The surface is smooth and will not warp. This material is available in 4mm thickness with black or white edges.

Styrene is a flexible lightweight plastic material and used for indoor signs and temporary outdoor signs. It is available in 040. and 060. thickness.

Plastic PVC is a economy lightweight plastic material and is best for long term indoor and short term outdoor. The finish is smooth and professional looking. It is available in in 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" thickness.

Dibond Aluminum/Plastic Composite This is a plastic composite with a brushed aluminum surface coated with clear coat finish. It is weather resistant, durable, smooth and ideal for attractive indoor or outdoor presentations. This is the most durable substrate.