Three Affordable Sneeze Guards For 2021

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Get a jump start on your 2021 by keeping customers and employees protected as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on. We have several affordable sneeze guard options for you, including some portable options! We've handpicked three that we know you'll love.

Menu Style Personal Sneeze Guards

Menu Style Affordable Sneeze Guard | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA

For a little over $50 we are able to offer you our portable menu style sneeze guards. This sneeze guard looks a lot like a folded menu that you find at many restaurants. This sneeze guard is lightweight and easy to clean, making it a great option for students of all ages. Students can easily setup, store, and travel with this sneeze guard from class to class. Our inserts are made from a thin clear PVC plastic that can be cleaned using a plastic cleaner or mild detergent and water with a soft cloth. Metal corners help add weight and stability to prevent it from falling over on its own. The final size for this item is 20-21"w x 18.25"h x 10"d, which will work with just about any standard desk size. 

Traditional Plexi Sneeze Guard

Our traditional plexiglass sneeze guard is available for around $75 and in two standard sizes. Prices vary by size. This style has two removable freestanding triangular feet, making it easy to pack up, store, and setup. This option is made completely in-house by our skilled team, making turnaround fast. This simple design is not only great for students, but also reception areas, tables, work desks, and more. Another bonus is that we can make this sneeze guard in an assortment of sizes. Just contact us for an estimate. 

Retractable Sneeze Guard

Retractable Sneeze Guard | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAOur retractable sneeze guard isn't new to our blog. The retractable sneeze guard has made its way to our 2021 list because it's simply one of our favorites. These are a favorite because of their versatility and affordability. Starting at only $101.87, these make a great full coverage option. Available in five standard widths (see image). Prices vary by size. Retractable sneeze guard shields come with a carrying case and a snap-to-top graphic rail for easy setup, portability, and storage. For an extra charge, we can even add your logo and branding text to the clear retractable film. On top of that, these are easy to clean and disinfect.
We know one of these options will work great for you! If you want to see what else we have visit us at to browse our complete COVID-19 collection.


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