King Color Core - A Durable & Long Lasting Exterior Sign Option

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Finding the perfect outdoor safe material for your signs can be tricky. We often make outdoor signs from material like sign foam, acrylic, ACM, or metal. All are great options, but come with limitations. Through researching several materials, we've found a great solution. King Color Core. It's perfect for trail signs, golf course signs, park signs, address number signage, exterior wayfinding signs, apartment and community signage, post and panel signs, and much more.
King Color Core Biking Trail Sign | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA

What is King Color Core? 

King Color Core is a functional high-density polyethylene sheet, made to be engraved and featuring layers of contrasting colors. This material is made using a unique method called Polyfusion, and made with only the finest materials known to the industry. Best of all, this material is made to last. King Color Core will not rust, delaminate or rot under UV, humidity, or water. It is made to last through the harshest conditions. King Color Core is made with durability in mind. This material is made using high-impact-resistant polymer so that it can take abuse that the average sign material cannot withstand. 
King Color Core Marina Sign | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA

What Colors Does King Color Core Come In?

King Color Core comes in a variety of colors, all featuring a matte finish on both sides. With King Color Core, what you see is what you get. Due to this products unique properties, it cannot be painted. Available colors include, Blue/White/Blue, White/Blue/White, Red/White/Red, White/Red/White, Red/Black/Red, Black/Red/Black, Green/White/Green, White/Green/White, Tan/Green/Tan, Green/Tan/Green, Yellow/Black/Yellow, Black/Yellow/Black, Brown/Tan/Brown, Tan/Brown/Tan, Brown/White/Brown, White/Brown/White, Black/White/Black, and White/Black/White. For a minimum run, custom colors can also be made. Contact us for a color chart.

Can I Get King Color Core In A Solid Color?

Yes! King Color Core can be purchased in solid colors. This material is known as King Color Board. It has all of the same properties as its sister product, but features only a single color.


King Color Core Residential Signage | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA

How Can I Keep My Signs Looking Fresh? 

While these signs stand up to just about anything, the may need some cleaning every once in a while if you want your signs to look newer for longer.We recommend you clean everyday dirt and stains from your sign using one of the following options;
A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Soft Scrub, or Simply Green Concentrate at full strength with a nylon scrubby or stiff nylon brush. Please ensure that you scrub lightly! Excess force can tarnish the finish of your signs.
If you have a stubborn stain that won't seem to budge, soak the area with bleach and it will usually go away. Do not use 100% chlorine used to treat swimming pools.
A grease or oil stain can be cleaned using a citrus cleaner, alcohol or mineral spirits.
If you really can't get the stain out, you may lightly sand the area. Be careful to only work on the stained area because sanding will remove the matte finish.
If you aren't sure how to proceed with cleaning your sign, you can always contact us for help.

Ready To See King Color Core In Action? Check Out The Below Video!


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