How Good Banners Can Boost Your Business

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Brick and mortar stores have more competition now than ever. With Amazon, Walmart, e-commerce sites, and people having busy lives, it can be hard to overcome these challenges. A proven way to get customers in the door is with well thought out and designed signage. Vinyl banners are a great option for advertising sales, events, grand openings and much more within your community. Vinyl banners are going to have a greater impact when they are designed well and speak to your customers. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your vinyl banners.

Pick A Good Location For Your Banner

Choosing where to put your banner is crucial to its effectiveness. You want to install your banner in a location that gets high amounts of foot and/or car traffic. The more eyes on your banner the better. It might sound funny, but knowing which way the sun is shining is also important. If you are using a traditional 13oz banner, it can become hard to read if the sun is behind it. Especially if you have lighter colored graphics or if you install your banner on a fence. You can get around this by using a heavier-grade banner material. Block-out banner material is an appropriate choice.

Install Your Banner Well

Install your banner right the first time. A banner is most ineffective when it has fallen down on the ground and is all crumpled up. Or maybe one side has gone loose and it's waving in the air. Either way, no one is able to read it and it looks unappealing. When installing your banner, ensure that your banner is taut and well secured with nylon rope, bungees, and/or clips. If your banner is larger, a third middle post can help keep your banner secure, but we recommend using a block-out banner material. If you live in a windy area, a mesh banner can help increase the longevity of your banner. Lastly, always make sure you take your banners down during extreme weather.

Banner A-Frames | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA
If you aren't confident in your banner installing abilities, our banner a-frames can help you along the way. Banner a-frames create a solid structure for your banners and a plethora of bungees to keep your banner standing strong. Our banner a-frame system comes in a 8ft long option and a 4ft long option.

Give Your Banner The Design It Deserves!

A good design can make your banner stand out. Why does good design matter? There are a couple of reasons! First, you want to ensure your banner is effectively communicating your message to your potential audience. Second, you want your banner to be appealing to customers. (It's kind of like a first impression). Third, you want a banner that you can love to look at!

Have you ever heard of hierarchy? Hierarchy is very important in the design world. You want your most important stuff to stand out. For example, if you are advertising a lunch special for Monday & Wednesday every week you will want the sale to stand out. "$5.99 Lunch Special" should be #1 on the hierarchy list. #2 would be "Monday & Wednesday - Lunch Hours Only". Your #3/last item would be something like a telephone number, email, or social media information.

Color choice is another important part of your banner design. Always go for high contrasting colors that are easy to read. Red is eye-catching and will grab people's attention. If you have a brand, we recommend using those colors to generate brand awareness.

Your font choice is another make-or-break design choice. Sans-serif (block style) fonts are going to be the easiest for your customers to read from a distance. You will want to avoid most script, some handwritten, and a lot of decorative fonts. Keep it simple. Helvetica, Arial, Myriad Pro, Univers, Franklin Gothic, and Segoe UI are all great font choices.

Take Care Of Your Banner

Want to use your banner multiple times? Have a yearly special and you want to drag the banner out every year? Well, make sure you take care of your banner! Nothing is more unappealing than a wrinkled, dirty, torn banner. As we stated earlier, take your banner inside during extreme weather. When you store your banner, roll it with the graphics facing out. Do not fold your banner. When you fold a vinyl banner you create creases that you will NEVER get out. If your banner has mud, bird poo, and bug debris on it, give it a wipe down! You can successfully do this with a mild soapy water mixture. Avoid harsh chemicals to protect your graphics. Finally, we all get to the point where we are tired, run down, and just need to retire. If your banner has holes, rips, faded graphics, and stains beyond repair, it's time to say goodbye. A new banner is your best option.

We hope our banner tips and tricks are helpful! If you are convinced that good banners mean good business, and we hope you are, reach out to us today to get your perfect banner made!

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