Commercial Canopy Event Tents 101

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The summer season is quickly approaching! So are farmers markets, outdoor concerts, art festivals, food and heritage events, craft fairs, and so much more! The summer is a great time to take your business opportunities to the next level. Branded event tents can help you stand out at these events.

Branded Canopy Tent - Event Tent - Custom Tents | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA

Increase Brand Awareness

Custom canopy tents are important for getting found in the crowd. When you have a custom event tent, along with your other branding materials, you increase your opportunity for brand recognition. When creating the artwork for your tent, use your brand specific colors, fonts, photos, and, of course, logo. Simple is better, so don't overload your tent with too much information. Showcase the important stuff, make it eye-catching, and leave the detailed info to handouts or menus.

Add Walls For More Info

Canopy tent walls are another great way to add more information to your tent. Use the additional space to showcase your best sellers, share your social media and website information, or reiterate something special about your brand. They also enable you to drive traffic through your preferred entry point and allow for modular tent setups. Our event tent walls come in both half-sized height and full-sized height. Our half-sized walls can be printed on both sides, while the full walls can be printed on one side. Full wall graphics attach at the bottom of the canopy and extend to within 4 inches of the floor. Half walls are supported with our half wall hardware. This hardware features one telescopic pole and two hex clamps made specifically to attach to our premium aluminum tent hardware. 

Fly Your Brand Even Higher!

Canopy Tent Flag - Event Tent Flag - Event Flag | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAIf you want to go the extra mile with your branding efforts, consider adding a tent flag! You can add as many as four flags to your canopy tent. Canopy tent flags add a dynamic look to your tent. The flags are eye-catching and fly with the wind for added effect. Our flag connectors are specifically engineered hex clamps that snugly fit with our heavy duty tent hardware to keep those flags flying all day long.

Keep Your Tent Standing

If you want to feel secure in your canopy tent, we recommend investing in some sandbags. The weather can be unpredictable, so it's best to be prepared for anything. Sandbags can help keep your tent secure during wind and rain! Our sand bags are made from nylon. All you need to do is fill them with sand and use the velcro ties to secure the bag to the canopy legs. Once attached, you are ready to go! Even with sandbags, you should always keep your canopy tent out of severe weather to avoid risk of damage to your tent!

Summer is almost here, so what are you waiting for? If you aren't sure what products to get, what your design should be, or just need some advice, feel free to Request A Quote. One of our staff members will help you get the canopy tent you need. 


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