Business Signage Must Haves By Industry

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Business signage can mean a lot of different things depending on what kind of business that you have. A restaurant will need different signage than a gym, and a gym will need different signage than an office, and so on. Within those industries though, you may some standard signage needs. Unfortunately, those needs may look a little different now than they did a year ago. Hopefully, we can make another post that features those signs again soon! In the meantime, we will go through the food, fitness, and office industry and sort through some of the business signage must haves.

Food Industry Must Have Signs

Custom Plastic Menus | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PALet's start with the food industry. Menus are one of the most important things a restaurant needs! COVID-19 has made things a little difficult. We need to make sure we are keeping menus sanitized at all times. Many restaurants have opted to move all of their menus online via QR codes. Even in today's world of technology, that isn't always ideal for all parties. I always find myself with a dead phone or bad reception and my friend and I end up passing around one phone to try and read the menu. Our custom plastic menus are the perfect option for keeping traditional menus in your restaurant while also keeping things clean. They also present a professional look that you just can't get from QR codes and paper menus. Our menus come in two different thickness options and since they are made from plastic, they are easy to keep clean and sanitized. Always fully customizable with your artwork to keep your brand recognition growing!


Tamper-Evident Food Labels | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA

Our tamper-evident food labels are a must have for restaurants offering curbside pick-up and takeout. These labels offer another level of comfort for your customers that builds trust between your business and them. Our preprinted labels feature several v-shaped slits that tear easily to indicate tampering and a spot to write the order number, menu item, or customers’ name. The versatile adhesive sticks to a variety of carry-out containers and bags making them a convenient option for anyone in the food industry!

Fitness Industry Must Have Signs

Floor Decals | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAJust like the food industry, the fitness industry is being hit hard by the current times. The gym is naturally a high-touch area where large numbers of people congregate to. It's hard to keep people apart because their isn't as much control as to where they can go. To keep the peace, and distance, among patrons, you can opt for floor decals. Floor decals can help you direct traffic, point out a closed area, and keep people aware of their distance. We can also make custom decals for chairs and machines that will let patrons know if a machine is for use or not.

If you are looking to make a statement to your community, like the fact that you are open and implementing social distancing guidelines, some window signs might do the trick! We can make affordable PVC window signs that hang with suction cups. Banner material and Coroplast can also work great for this. Contact us to figure out what solution would work best for you! If you want something to cover the entire window, window perf or static clings are both great options. Both will allow you to send your message out while light comes in. If you aren't handy, we can also do the install for you. Contact us for a custom quote!

Office Industry Must Have Signs

Offices are faced with their own set of challenges during the times of COVID-19. They might not be worried about bringing customers in, but they want to ensure a safe environment for their staff so that they can keep their business running smoothly. Our hygiene signs and decals are a great addition to the office because they allow you to continually remind your staff to be aware of themselves in a friendly way. Our designs are standard, which means they ship fast and are available at an affordable rate. We can make custom decals for you though, if you want something different.

Workstation Dividers and Sneeze Guards | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAOffices can also benefit from our cubicle sneeze guards and workstation sneeze guards. While these aren't signs, they are still something that can make your workplace a safer place to be! Our cubicle sneeze guards are great because they can adapt to almost any cubicle set. Each guard features a PVC clamp that can adjust to widths from 1" - 2.5". While we do offer three standard sizes, we can take custom orders for cubicles of all sizes. Our workstation sneeze guards (or dividers) are perfect for offices that have a more open atmosphere. The dividers feature an adjustable knob that ensures the hitch wall reaches the desktop sufficiently. The clear plexi allows you to keep the open feel to your space and prevents anyone from feeling closed out.

Hopefully we can rewrite this blog post a year from now and feature some of our standard ADA and desk signs. For now, we want everyone to stay safe, healthy and happy and we know our signs and protective dividers can help you do that!



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