Best Exterior Commercial Signs

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When choosing the commercial signage for your business, there are many things to consider. What space you have available, what your zoning office allows, and what kind of traffic you receive. Here are a six commercial sign options that will help your business stand out.

Commercial Channel Letters | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAChannel Letters

Channel letters are one of the most common types of commercial signs on the market. Channel letters are a great option for businesses in a high traffic area. Channel letters typically sit on the face of your storefront, making them relatively easy to see above cars, trees, and sometimes other storefronts. Channel letters are also highly customizable with a variety of styles to choose from. Use your custom logo, colors, and fonts for brand consistency. To learn more about channel letters read our blog post, Channel Letter Basics - What Are Channel Letters?

Monument Signs

Monument signs are another notable commercial sign option. If your building is off from the road and stands alone, a monument sign will help guide traffic to your building. Monument signs are also ideal for landlords or building owners who want to create a space for their tenants to advertise their business location. A monument is another exceptional commercial sign option for high-traffic areas.

Commercial Monument Sign | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial Post & Panel Sign | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAPost & Panel Sign

If you are budget conscious and can't afford the traditional monument right now, a post and panel sign might work great for you. Much like monument signs, post and panels signs can be used to direct traffic to your building if you are off the road. Many commercial post and panel signs can also be fabricated to add tenant spaces, just like monuments.

Dimensional Letters

If you're in a low traffic or foot-traffic only area, dimensional letters can work wonders for your storefront. Dimensional letters are very versatile. They can be installed directly to the side of the building or onto a panel for added dimension. Dimensional letters come in aluminum, metal, or a mix of the two. They can also be easily removed and installed elsewhere if you decide to move your business.

Commercial Dimensional Letters | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial Hanging Bracket & Panel Sign | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAUnder Canopy Signs / Hanging Bracket & Panel Signs

Under canopy hanging bracket and panel signs are commonly found in malls and shopping centers. These signs are ideal for stores in a foot-traffic area because the signs are easy to see when walking around. Under canopy signs can be as simple as an aluminum panel with vinyl graphics or as complex as a carved and painted foam sign. The dimensional letters mentioned above can also be added for an extra pop!

Commercial Window Graphics | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAWindow Graphics

Commercial window graphics are another compelling foot-traffic option. If your window graphics are large enough, they can also be used for slower car traffic. Window graphics are an affordable way to make your storefront standout. Many customers use window graphics as an opportunity to share their name, services, and even sales.

These six commercial sign options are effective signage option ideas to get the ball rolling. At AdVision, we are able to select the best option for your storefront and provide professional designs. We also offer installation services as well! Request A Quote or Contact Us to get your project started!


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