Four Must-Have Wayfinding Signs For Your Business

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Wayfinding signage is necessary for many business. Without wayfinding signage, customers are left confused, lost, and frustrated. Worst case scenario they can't even find your business! AdVision Signs is here to help. There are several must-have commercial wayfinding signs that will leave your customers happy.

Entrance Signs

When customers are going to your business, they need to know where to find you and how to get to you. Entrance signs are commonly used to direct traffic to the correct location. We see these a lot with fast-food companies and places where there is a lot of traffic. Think of your busiest road in town. There might be several shopping centers or crossroads. Or maybe it's a road with several businesses next to one another. Entrance signs help get your customers to the correct location, or in the correct parking lot when applicable. When you implement the proper entrance signage, you have happy patrons and visitors who had no issues finding you!

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Directory signs are handy for large shopping centers, business parks, and office buildings. Nothing is more frustrating than not know which building, floor, or office to go to. I have found myself lost several times due to improper, or complete lack of, directory signage. A lack of directory signage can build up frustration for customers. If your business works by appointment, poor signage can cause a customer to run late while trying to find your office. When selecting your directory signage, it's best to have at least one large main directory, smaller directionals around the grounds or building to direct customers in the correct direction, and a sign at your door to let customers know they are at the right location. 

Parking Signs

Directing customers to the correct parking area(s) can be done with a variety of parking signs. This is important for places that have several entrances. For example, a warehouse may have an employee entrance on one side, a customer entrance at another, and a delivery entrance somewhere else. Telling each person where to park so that they are closest to their designated entrance makes visiting your building a smooth and easy process.
Parking signs can also be used to block off specific areas. Handicap signs are a must for some businesses. Many businesses have employee parking, manager parking, or employee of the month parking zones. If you offer curbside pickup or a short-term parking area, you can use signs to mark those off. Other parking signs that some places have include military/veteran parking and expectant mother parking signs. 
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Restroom Signs

If your business offers a public restroom, you will need signs to lead customers there. A high-up restroom sign can help customers find the bathrooms from across the room and over other patrons. We also recommend going with a flag-mount style sign. This type of sign is visible from all angles and will help prevent confusion among customers. Restrooms signs are commonly found in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops, and other similar businesses. Another perk of having a restroom sign is that it keeps your staff focused on their work rather than constantly directing customers to the bathrooms. It's a win-win for all!


You can see why these four wayfinding signs are must-haves for any business. At AdVision, we can create stylish and functional wayfinding signs that fit your brand. We offer installation services as well! Request A Quote to get your project started!



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