3 Reasons To Get Custom Printed Beverage Boxes For Your Business

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AdVision Signs is excited to announce a new line of custom packaging, Beverage Boxes! Best of all we will ship straight to your door, whether you're in Pittsburgh or sunny California. Our custom printed beverage boxes are ideal for a variety of industries. Anyone who sells canned beverages such as beer, seltzer, coffee, kombucha, soda, can benefit from this amazing product. Not convinced that you need beverage boxes? Here are three reasons to get custom printed beverage boxes for your business.

Custom Printed Beverage Boxes | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PA
  1. Tell Your Brand's Story
    Our 6-panel can carriers provides ample design space for your company to bring life to your brand and products. Custom packaging will also help to boost shelf appeal. Which is a great way to boost your sales! You can design your own beverage box or work with one of your talented designers. Either way you choose, design a beverage box that tells a story and jumps out to the consumer. No longer do you need to rely on the store to properly orient the cans in the cooler. With our boxes, your brand is always on display, no matter the rotation.
  2. Expanding Sales Opportunities
    With our custom beverage boxes, your company can add variety to your core beverage line. Build new flavor profiles and celebrate them with their own unique flavor matching style. Don't want to order 10,000+ at a time? Not to worry! We offer short-runs of our custom boxes to help you expand quickly and easily. Ditch the plastic can ring holders to assemble your can multipacks. Plastic rings are very limiting due to complexities around UPC codes. With plastic rings, each can needs to have the same UPC code to ring up properly at a retail store. This limits your company's ability to offer a large variety of mix-and-match packs and single can sales. When you choose our boxes, you're then able to provide a separate “pack” UPC code. Problem solved! Beverage producers can generate codes for multipack boxes and use varying codes for individual can sales. You've just expanded your sales opportunities with ease!
  3. Environmentally Conscious
    Our custom beverage boxes are made from recyclable paperboard. Plastic can ring holders are damaging our oceans and harming the animals who live there. Switching to paper-based packaging is the responsible choice that will save both you money and our oceans from harmful plastics.

Our boxes are digitally printed onto 18pt wet strength paperboard, ensuring your cans transport safely. This high-end material will hold up to persistant condensation and keep approximately 80% of its strength when wet. AdVision Signs offers Beverage Boxes in a variety of popular styles and sizes. Our standard sized beverage boxes come in 4-packs, 6-packs, and 12-packs. Our low minimums allow businesses of any stage and size to expand their branding efforts. Request A Custom Quote for unique box designs, if applicable.


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