2021 Graduation Signage Must Haves

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Happy graduation season! Our 2021 graduates have worked hard and this year has been especially challenging. Students have had to learn how to navigate online classes at the drop of a hat. If an undergrad, they've given up parts of their college experience. Seniors in high school will never get this senior year back. Our grads deserve to feel special at the end of this difficult school year. AdVision Signs has crafted a selection of 2021 Graduation Signage just for you!

2021 Graduation Yard Signs

2021 Grad Yard Signs | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAYard signs are one of the most common ways people celebrate their graduates nowadays. Our 2021 Graduation Yard Signs are made from 4mm corrugated plastic, single-sided and ready to install with a wire h-stake. We have three standard designs available. You can also choose to work with one of our designers to make something special just for you! Our favorite design is the contour cut graduation yard sign. We even included a yard sign for our smallest of graduates! When ordering, you can make any special request, like a change of color on the sign. Which yard sign is your favorite? Click here to shop them all.

2021 Graduation Over-The-Door Banners

2021 Graduate Over-The-Door Banner | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAOur 2021 Grad Over-The-Door Banners are a newer trend in the world of graduation signage. It's also one that we love! Over-The-Door Banners are extremely easy to use, highly customizable, and affordable. We offer two standard designs for your graduate. You can change small details like color and text to make your banner work for you. Just like the yard sign, you can also choose to work with one of our designers to make a banner that only you will have. Our graduation banners are made from 13oz vinyl and printed in full color. Grommets are punched in each corner so that you can easily secure the banner to your front door. Click here to get yours.

2021 Graduation Standee

2021 Graduate 5' Standees | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAOne of our favorite must-have products this season is the 2021 5' Graduation Standee! Our standee comes with one standard design. Feel free to request any color or small text changes that you may like. Our 2021 Graduation Standees are special because they come with a space to add nine (yes, nine!) photos of your graduate. Pictures can vary from baby pictures, to toddler years, the awkward middle school phase, their sport activities, prom, and much more. We suggest using the large space at the top for one of their senior pictures. Shop our standees here.

2021 Graduation Selfie Frames

2021 Graduate Selfie Frame | AdVision Signs - Pittsburgh, PAOur last 2021 Graduation sign product is our 2021 Graduation Selfie Frames. Selfie Frames are a fun and inexpensive addition to your 2021 Graduation. Our graduation selfie frames are made from 4MM corrugated plastic, printed in full color, and cut to shape. Our design is included! Why get a Selfie Frame? They add a special touch to your graduation day and they make for fun pictures that are sure to be memorable! This product is fun for all ages. Everyone will want to take a picture with the graduate! Get your Selfie Frame today!

With our 2021 Graduation Signs, you can celebrate your graduate in a fun way! Whether you get our Yard Sign, Over-The-Door Banner, Standee, or Selfie Frame, you are sure to make the right choice! Which product is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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